Capital raisings & IPOs

Stockholm Corporate Finance works with professional financial advisory to predominantly Publicly traded small and medium enterprises (SME). Our employees have extensive experience and broad expertise with a strong track record in capital raising, IPOs and M&A. Our senior employees, coming from prior leading positions in the capital market and in listed companies,  have cultured an increased understanding of our clients’ business, needs and in conjunction, the best possible structure for their transactions. We take full responsibility and strive to build a long term relationship with the customer. Our independence allows us to minimize the risk of potential conflicts of interest.

  • IPO/listings
  • Directed new share issues
  • Rights issues
  • Private Placements
  • Forming of underwriting consortiums
  • Blocktrades (secondary placements)

Stockholm Corporate Finance has successfully completed more than 160 transactions since 2005. We have a strong placing power and carry out public transactions as well as targeted offers to an extensive network of institutions, asset managers, high net worth individuals and retail.

We direct our investment offers to;

  • Institutions
  • Asset managers
  • Wealthy individuals (High Networth Indviduals)
  • Retail