Stockholm Corporate Finance in collaboration with Financial Hearings is pleased to invite you to the Öresund Investment Day

Date: Monday 22nd of September
Place: Medicon Village, Hörsalen Scheeleveägen 2, Lund

The 17th edition of Öresund Investment Day glances past the last minute of the stock market movement and quarterly report, and focuses on the companies long-term development.
During Öresundsdagen you will be able to listen to presentations by interesting companies in the Life Science and Foodsector.

The presentations are followed by a brief Q&A, Mattias Hägglund and Martin Parkhöj from Danske Markets are moderators.

08.00 Medicon Village Mats Leifland
08.20 *Lundbeck CEO Ulf Wiinberg
08:40 Medic Pen CEO Per Nilsson
09.00 Probi CEO Peter Nählstedt
09.20 Cloetta VP Communication and IR Jacob Broberg
09.40 Vigmed CEO Finn Ketler
10.00 Coffee
10.20 Midsona CEO Peter Åsberg
10.40 Hansa Medical CEO Emanuel Björne
11.00 Exini Diagnostics CEO Magnus Aurell
11.20 Enzymatica CEO Michael Edelborg Christenssen
11.40 Bioinvent CEO Michael Oredsson
12.00 Lunch
12.20 *Lidds CFO Lars-Åke Malmsten
12.40 Active Biotech CSO Helén Tuvesson
13.00 Saniona CEO Jørgen Drejer
13.20 Bonesupport CEO Lloyd Diamond
13.40 Coffee
14.00 Zealand Pharma CFO Mats Blom
14.20 Novo Zymes IR Thomas Steenbeck Bomhoff
14.40 Karolinska Development CEO Thorbjörn Bjerke
15.00 *Astra Zeneca IR Jens Lindberg
15.20 *Baxter (Gambro) CFO Sweden Ulrik Nilsson
15.40 Future Cities – Öresund Torbjörn Isaksson

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